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Climate Action at UConn

Photograph of a foggy road.
Many winners in the 2011 Sustainable Depictions art competition featured themes of climate change in their work.

The University of Connecticut is a signatory to the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (PCC), which basically means that the University is striving towards a carbon neutral campus by the year 2050.

The bulk of our climate inititaives can be found in our Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP currently focuses on strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the University. Our progress is being tracked through an annual greenhouse gas inventory. In 2012, an additional section to the CAP was written to include mitigation and adaptation strategies for the University. These two kinds of strategies will prepare the University for whatever effects of climate change we see.

The CAP was created through the efforts of five Climate Action Task Forces (CATFs). A new task force known as the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force (CCATF) was created in 2011 to update the CAP.

Click here to view UConn's 2020 Vision for Campus Sustainability & Climate Leadership.

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Climate Action in the Past

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