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Our Environment: A Dialogue on Change

In the interest of keeping climate change at the forefront of the UConn community’s attention, the Office of Environmental Policy will help coordinate a system-wide interdepartmental “teach-in” this upcoming April. Tentatively titled “Our Environment: A Dialogue on Change,” this week-long effort, from April 15-22, is set to continue building on the momentum set by a number of successful Climate Impact Mitigation and Adaptation (CIMA) events in the spring of 2012.

This year, the UConn community can expect another well-collaborated and dynamic CIMA week planned by the organizing committee of student, faculty, staff and town representatives. Given the success of last spring, the committee aims to focus the month of April on the environment in whatever way relates best to each department. In order to reach a wider audience and engage in a broader discussion, CIMA 2 will feature a week long “teach-in” in which faculty are provided with pertinent instructional materials that can be incorporated into a class or two during the teach-in.

Colleagues, please SIGN IN here so we know who plans to participate by at least mentioning environmental issues in their class during the 15-22 April Environmental Week.  It is important for us to know of, and to be able to promote, the level of participation in this "teach in".  We will use that information to describe the level of commitment and interest and thus to promote efforts in future years.  Thank you.

Additional Information

1.) Event Calendar

2.) Contact Information

3.) Reference Materials

4.) Teach-In Presentations

CIMA Events

  • 5 April - Humanities Institute Day in the Humanities, "Silent Springs"
    Student Union Theater at Storrs Campus
  • 9 April - Coastal Perspectives Lecture Series: "The Legacy of Rachel Carson"
    Avery Point Campus
  • 17 April- National Screening: "The Island President" at 7:00pm
    Room 102 of Laurel Hall at Storrs Campus, Location at Avery Point TBD
  • 18 April- Annual EcoHusky Earth Day Spring Fling
    Fairfield Way on Storrs Campus
  • 18 April- Teale Lecture Series: "The Lost Woods of Childhood" at 4:00pm
    Konover Auditorium at Storrs Campus
  • 21 April- EcoHusky 5k Road Race
    Horsebarn Hill on Storrs Campus
  • 22 April- Earth Day!
  • 25 April- Earth Day Celebration
    Avery Point Campus
  • 28 April- UConn Cycles Ride
    Fairfield Way on Storrs Campus
  • 29 April- "Planning for the Future in the Context of Climate Change"