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EcoMadness 2012

EcoMadness is a month long energy and water conservation competition. Each participating building has its own meter which measures the amount of water (in gallons) and the amount of energy (in kilowatt-hours) per day. These numbers are divided by the number of students in the building so we can find the energy and water usage per capita in each dorm. Thedorm standings will be updated at least once a week during the competition so that everyone can keep track of the progress they are making. At the end of the month long period, winners will be announced based on who had the largest reduction of energyand water usage and who used the lowest amounts of energy and water overall.

2012 EcoMadness Winners

Water Use, Percent Reduction: Sprague

Water Use, Lowest Per Capita: Hamiliton/Wade/ Fenwick/Keller

Energy Use, Percent Reduction: Whitney

Energy Use, Lowest Per Capita: Buckley


Final Leaders

Percent Reduction

Water Use % Reduction Energy Use % Reduction
1st Place Sprague (East) 21.0% Whitney (East) 20.5%
2nd Place Alsop (West) 13.0% Sherman/Webster (Towers) 20.2%
3rd Place Whitney (East) 11.0% Hollister (West) 18.7%

Per Capita Use

Water Use gal / person Energy Use kWh / person
1st Place Hamiliton/Wade/ Fenwick/Keller (Towers) 32.0 Buckley 3.7
2nd Place Terry (Northwest) 33.1 Holcomb (East) 3.8
3rd Place Sprague (East) 33.4 Batterson (Northwest) 4.0

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Building Water Use Reduction (%) Energy Use Reduction (%) Per Capita Water Usage (gallons) Per Capita Energy Usage (kWh)
Buckley 0.0 13.6 44.7 3.7
Batterson 0.0 11.0 42.9 4.0
Goodyear 0.0 3.8 39.3 4.6
Hanks 0.0 8.0 38.3 4.2
Rogers 3.0 6.6 36.2 4.1
Russell 3.2 8.7 35.2 4.5
Terry 5.6 14.3 33.1 4.1
Shippee 0.0 11.2 46.1 5.1
Sherman/Webster  0.0 20.2 38.6 4.1
Jefferson/Colt 0.0 0.0 44.9 4.5
Trumbull/Sousa/Lafeyette/Morgan  0.0 3.3 35.8 4.7
Hamilton/Wade/Fenwick/Keller  4.3 7.7 32.0 4.6
Beecher/Vinton  2.0 7.4 38.1 4.7
Allen/Kingston 0.5 0.0 47.8 5.1
Alsop A/Alsop B  13.0 10.4 38.1 4.7
Hollister A/Hollister B  0.0 18.7 40.7 4.1
Troy/Shakespeare 0.0 1.1 47.1 4.8
Chandler/Lancaster  0.0 7.8 50.5 5.0
Grange/Hicks 0.0 1.5 39.4 4.1
Holcomb 0.0 3.9 34.7 3.8
Sprague 21.0 8.1 33.4 5.0
Whitney 11.0 20.5 41.1 4.3

EcoMadness Current Events

We have our winners!

The top three who have owned the water reduction category since week two remained strong throughout the rest of the competition, all the way up until the end of the Double or Nothing week. Sprague remained dominate the water reduction category since week two, ending up with 21.0% reduction at the end of the Double or Nothing week. Congratulations on first place, Sprague! Alsop held onto second place again, closing off with 13.0%. Like before, Whitney made third place, and ended with an 11.0% water reduction. A fantastic job all around, our top three water reduction finalists!

In terms of water usage per student, the top three of last week prevailed again. Hamilton/Wade/Fenwick/Keller of Towers managed to improve their 31.9 gallons per capita usage of last week, taking first place with an even 32.0 gallons. Congratulations! Terry of Northwest used less water per student this week than last week – 32.0 compared to 31.9 gallons. In third place, we have Sprague, pulling off 33.4 gallons used per student during week four. Way to go!

The top three dorm buildings from last week appeared again in the energy reduction category, in a different order due to the Double or Nothing week. Whitney made an unanticipated leap from third place to first place, with 20.5% electricity reduction. Very impressive! Sherman/Webster was bumped down from their first place position of last week, taking second place with a 20.2% reduction, while Hollister moved from second place to third place with an 18.7% reduction.

Buckley, again, claimed first place with 3.7 kWh in the energy usage per student category. Holcomb of East took second place with an improved ranking of 3.8 kWh per student, .1 gallons less than last week. There was a two-way tie for third between Batterson and Sherman/Webster, both of whom managed 4.0 kWh per student.

Sprague, Hamilton/Wade/Fenwick/Keller, Whitney, Buckley – you are the winners of Eco-Madness! Congratulations again, and be proud of yourselves for demonstrating conservation and sustainable lifestyle practices throughout the entire five weeks of the competition! Keep up the fantastic work even if Eco-Madness is over, and enjoy your ice cream party!

Getting Involved

EcoCaptains are responsible for promoting the EcoMadness Competition. They will motivate their fellow residents to conserve water and energy as well as be responsible for advertising the contest. For more information, click here.

The EcoMadness Pledge

Please take the EcoMadness Pledge! By taking this pledge you are dedicating yourself to actively participate in EcoMadness by doing your best to reduce your energy and water consumption. You can print out the pledge (found under "Advertising Resources"), cut off the excess paper (make sure to recycle it!) and tape the pledge to your door so that your fellow residents may know that you are committed and be inspired to join in the effort to conserve. Pick one or two things from the list of tips for conserving energy and water and write them on the lines provided. It will be your goal to, at the very least, stick to the tips you have chosen. For example you may choose to pledge to turn off your lights every time you leave the room, or to do your best to take shorter showers. So post your pledge today and good luck competing in EcoMadness!

Advertising Resources

Conservation Tips


  1. Only wash your clothes if you have a full load to do. Pool laundry with your friends to make full loads!
  2. Report all leaks to your CA or ResLife immediately!
  3. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, etc.
  4. Take shorter showers! This will save between 5 and 10 gallons of water per minute.
  5. Don't flush any type of garbage down the toilet. Every flush uses around 7 gallons of water!
  6. When washing dishes, use a full sink of warm water instead of running the faucet continuously.


  1. Turn off the lights when nobody is in the room! This goes especially for bathrooms and common rooms when they aren't occupied!
  2. Avoid the "phantom load". Appliances such as your TV, DVD player, cell phone charger, etc. consume energy just by being plugged in. Unplug them when not in use!
  3. Turn down your thermostat before going to bed. For every degree you reduce it, you will save 5% on heating.
  4. Wash your clothes in cold water. It works just as well as warm water, will keep colors from bleeding, and saves the energy that would have gone to heating the water!
  5. Install compact fluorescent lightbulbs in your lamps. They use 1/4 the electricity of a normal bulb.
  6. Power down your computer when not in use. For desk tops, turn off the monitor when you aren't using it.