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2007 Environmental Leadership Award Winners

2007 Environmental Leadership Award Winners

Note: Click on the award recipients name(s) to view their photograph from the Awards Breakfast on April 24, 2007.

Undergraduate Student:

Logan Senack

Graduate Student:

Jessica Kukielka

UConn Group:

Burton Family Football Complex and Mark R. Schenkman Training Center


Rebecca Gorin


Dr. Richard Parnas

External Organization:

Willimantic Waste Paper Company, Inc.

Click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the Awards Banquet.

2007 Environmental Leadership Award Finalists

Names are listed in alphabetical order.

Undergraduate Student:

  • Timothy Bleasdale*

Graduate Student:

  • David Chiu


  • Mary Kegler*
  • Frank Labato
  • Suzy Staubach*


  • John Alexopoulos
  • Jeff Hathaway
  • Chris Simon
  • Dean Kirklyn Kerr (CANR)
  • Tom Morris
  • Gary Robbins
  • Dave Schroeder
  • Kristin Schwab*
  • John Silander
  • James Stuart

UConn Affiliated Group:

  • Department of Dining Services
  • UConn SolElectric Car Team
  • Wastewater Pollution Control Facility Team*

The Awards Committee

The Selection Committee for 2007 consists of several members of the EPAC representatives.  In addition, one graduate student and one undergraduate student intern also agreed to participate as student representatives.  By agreeing to serve on the committee, these environmentally dedicated individuals forfeited their right to receive any awards for which they might be nominated.  The University and the Office of Environmental Policy recognizes their importance of their participation, without which the 2007 Awards could not have been successful, and thanks them for their dedication to this process.

2006-2007 Awards Committee



Gene Roberts

Director, Facilities Operations

Kathleen Segerson

Professor, Economics Department

Meghan Ruta

Graduate Student, NRME

Jennifer Sayers

Office of Environmental Policy Intern, Undergraduate Env Sci and Anthropology

Scott Brohinsky

Director of Alumni Relations

Melinda Daniels

Assistant Professor, Geography Department

Rich Miller

Office of Environmental Policy, Director

Michael Willig

EEB Professor and Director of Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Stefan Wawzyniecki

Manager, Chemical Health & Safety. Environmental Health & Safety