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Environmental Studies BA

Provost's Environment Committee
Greg Weidemann Committee Chair
Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ross Bagtzoglou Professor and Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tim Byrne Associate Professor, Marine Sciences/MSTC
Jim Edson Professor, Marine Sciences/MSTC
Allison MacKay Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rich Miller Director, Office of Environmental Policy
Helen Rozwadowski Associate Professor and Director, History
Avery Point Regional Campus
Kathy Segerson Professor, Economics
Stephen Swallow Professor, Agriculture and Resource Economics
Jeremy Teitelbaum Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
John Volin Professor and Department Head, Natural Resources and the Environment
Guiling Wang Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mike Willig Professor, Environmental Science
Director, Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Sydney Plum from the Department of English also helped in the creation of the proposal, but is not formally on the committee.

It is sometimes the case that our nation’s policy-makers have difficulty interpreting the science necessary to make far-reaching decisions with environmental impact. Scientists often are not able to articulate their findings clearly. Those versed in the history and literature of the environment are not given a chance to speak. This major — requiring studies in the social sciences and humanities, with a grounding in the sciences, will prepare students for leadership positions, making decisions, interpreting scientific results, and taking the well-being of every part of the environment into account.

The interdisciplinary nature of this major would help prepare students for careers in policy-making, project management, social entrepreneurship, extension, journalism, interpretation, and many other fields where knowledge of human-environmental interactions is necessary.

The major is designed to lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) or the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR).  Students would take required and elective courses in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences to provide the best exposure to the interdisciplinary nature of this important field of knowledge. An Introduction to Environmental Studies is being developed for the major. UConn already has many courses on environmental topics being offered, with new offerings every semester.

Creation of a new major is always a process requiring careful consideration and coordination across all departments affected by the proposed changes to class size, structure, and material. The proposal for a new major should begin the approval process in Spring 2012 and move through the stages of approval during the year. Check this site for updates!

Many thanks to the faculty and members of the UConn community who have served on committees over the past years to plan this major and move it forward.

Environmental Studies Major Wins Board’s Approval (UConn Today - 9/7/2012)

Click here to view the EVST Proposal Summary or here the view the Complete EVST Proposal.