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CIMA 2 Teach-In Presentations

Teach-Ins were held April 15-22, 2013 for CIMA II: "Our Environment: A Dialogue on Change".

1. Climate Change and resulting social and political upheavals:  A presentation to physics undergraduate majors with scientific  graphs on temperature and information regarding green-house gases and the  infrared radiation responsible for the warming. Prepared Febr. 7, 2013 by G. Rawitscher.(Takes 40 to 50 minutes)

2. Carbon tax and other political aspects: An interview with Senator Bernie Sanders from The audio form is also available at (Takes 15 minutes)

3. Interview with Senator Bernie Sanders: An interview by Steve Kerwood from Living on Earth in .MP3 form. (Takes 15 minutes)

4. Installation costs of PV are higher in the US than in Germany: Contains graphs (Takes 15 to 20 minutes)

5. The occurrence of extreme weathers: An NPR interview with Jim Hansen (Takes 15 minutes)

6. The un-desirability of the tar-sands oil pipeline: An Op-Ed article in the N.Y. Times by Jim Hansen (Takes 15 minutes to read)

7.  How the Dutch protect themselves against floods: Based on a NY Times article compiled by G. Rawitscher. (Takes 30 minutes)

8.  The world's fossil carbon emission and the need to curtail it: Shows how much renewable energies have to develop in quantity and cost in order to compete with fossil fuels.

9.  Renewable Electricity: Plans for the generation of electricity from renewable sources in the U.S. and in the Middle East and Africa (Takes 20 minutes)

10. No to the Nay-Sayers: A presentation that demonstrates the incorrectness of some of the most common assertions of the climate change nay-sayers.

11. National Climate Assessment, Northeast USA: A serious study, with many references, about the need for adaptation in the Northeast of the USA.

More excellent graphs created by NASA can be found here.

Hve questions or concerns about these presentations? Please contact George Rawitscher at: or at (860) 486-4377.