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2011 Sustainable Depictions Winners

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Nature and the Environment

1st place: Evening Mirror
by Nancy Hoffman

Photo of a sunset over a lake.

2nd place: Humpback Whales Feeding
by Laura Hill

Evening of two humpback whales breaching the ocean surface.

3rd place: Sunweb
by Aaron S. Moon

Closeup photo of a spider's web on a floor of pine needles.

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People in the Environment

1st place: When We Were Young
by Allison Hopkins

Photo of three children in front of a lagoon.

2nd place: Sun Vs. Wire
by Aaron S. Moon

Photo of a road and power lines cutting through a hillside forest.

3rd place: Sitting Brook
by Carl Basdeo

Photo of a child sitting in a brook underneath a bridge.

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Environmental Awareness

1st place: Strange Sky
by Lena Taylor-Griggs

A photo of odd looking clouds during a sunset.

2nd place: Off the Grid
by Lena Taylor-Griggs

Photo of a road winding through a barren winter landscape.

3rd place: At the Edge
by Lena Taylor-Griggs

Photo of a partly cloudy sky over a forest.

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Nature and the Environment

1st place: Grass Cicada Courtship
by Virge Kask

A painting of two cicadas on blades of grass.

2nd place: Central American Rainforest
by Virge Kask

A painting of a Central American rainforest.

A series of paintings of various plant leaves and fronds.

3rd place: Specimen 1
by Hailey Doss

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People in the Environment

1st place: Elder and Willow
by Janice Trecker

A painting of a person looking up at a large tree.

2nd place: Indifference
by Suzanne Pranger

A sculpture of two people.

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Environmental Awareness

1st place: Headsails on a Foggy Day
by Ryan Chalifour

A painting of a ship at port on a foggy day.

2nd place: Barn Island Marshes
by Ryan Chalifour

A painting of a salt marsh.

3rd place: The Beginning of the End
by Margaret J. Sekellick

Fracatal art.

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3-D Recycled

1st place: Plastic Bag Hat
by Kristina Tsantiris

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Nature and the Environment

1st place: Alabaster
by Devin Samuels


This forest is dead

Alabaster skeletal spires mark the graves of giants

Bones, strewn across endless earth

Litter this Montana valley with

Once living textbooks of beauty

Left bone white

Now only engraved with suffering

Time has been erosive

Wearing away any trace of scripture they once held

Secrets only depicted in bark brail

Now lay untouched

As legible as the soil they compose


The wind howls retellings of a disaster I never knew

Upon my ears

Lips chapped with the story of every soul that fell on these memorial fields

Creeping past enamel guard

Into the depths of an un-wanting throat

Only to leave the taste of tears

Dry in my mouth

Rolling hills

Surround this sanctuary of lost dreams

Encapsulating loss never meant to be forgotten

Misbegotten memories stay locked up

In the shadow of a place that once was

Once was beautiful

Eden incarnate

Crystal streams flowed between

An emerald budding skyscraping city

Vibrant with the love of motherhood

Pregnant with the ideas of a coming year

Eternally sun bathed in the music of a million fur covered hopes

Embraced by chords held strong from generations of practice

Lifted were the wings of a thousand feathered dreams

By ancient symphonies whose notes

Will forever be gone from me


In silent cacophony

Fireweed covers the ground

A calling card of the devils child

Bits of beauty to remind us

How charred this land truly is

Sweet aromas to juxtapose

Lingering recollections

Of a pungent truth


As I walk through this Valley of a petrified nightmare

Colossal tombstone corpses open into

What looks like peace

A field of flowers

Velvety blues and purples caress

The body of Leviathan

Here lies all that's left of the tallest giant there ever was

The first and last of a race

Still alien to me

Its bones stand, twisted, free

Reaching for hope that only midnight skies can provide

Asking for something that only god can supply

Pure in nature

True in form

At its base there now sits a sapling

Nothing more

People in the Environment

1st place: A Valve has Burst
by Christian Sammartino


There has been an oil spill.

Bacon grease cakes his chapped lips with the slick,

Then those lips kiss a dingy mug that reads: "Lone Star."

Hired hands have tried to clean it but

They have only scoured what can be seen.


Oil streaks the black surface of his coffee.

Black, because life needs strong doses of truth,

Especially on late nights when the graveyard shift ends

And the lines of the turnpike are the only curves he will see.

This moment, breakfast at midnight, devours more of his

pensioned peace.

The slick will follow him on the currents

All the way up the East Coast—

Infinite color in utter darkness.


And this summer he will have a heart attack,

One that will suck him to the bottom of the spill.

It will be massive, stretching for miles,

Until it touches the heart of the ocean.

Then he will know why tears still stain his cheeks,

Glowing faintly in the florescent lights of the waffle house.


Something inside of him has been burning—

He smells like a crude oil fire,

Like prehistoric plant matter mixed with rubber.

It is the scent the dolphins smelled in the Gulf

Of Mexico when the oilrig exploded.

Now, he carries the calling card of the flames on his


I can smell it seven booths away,

Even with waffles burning in the kitchen and

The stench of manure rising from the floor tiles

A butcher wiped his feet on.


Something has been burning inside of him for too long.

It has opened a fissure which would

Make the San Andreas cringe.

It's something Top Kill couldn't cover

And Bottom Kill wouldn't cure.


The rainbow is creeping into his eyes.

They are ringed in black, like two plumes

Rising from deep water.

His crinkled brow shows the strain of long nights,

Sleeplessly waiting for a valve in his soul to burst,

Pouring poison into the arteries of the Gulf Stream.


The days he knew, when he could sink his secrets in deep

Water, has ended. It shows in the way he clutched the cracked booth,

The way he rolls the brim of his cowboy hat before he calls for the check.

He asks the waitress: "Ever have one of those days were you felt like

Your head is going to explode?"

She collects his cash and offers him the

Currency of her generation—

A distant disillusioned smile.


He will remember that smile when he sees

His reflection in the water. When he walks in

He will say it will be a quick dip.


Then he will try to find Atlantis and

Drown his heart in its ancient mud.

Somewhere in the distance a longshoreman is screaming.

The sound is so far away, it seems like wet tar

Being sucked through an industrial hose—

There has been an oil spill.

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