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Past Green Game Days

Green Game Days at Gampel Pavilion, February 6th & 7th, 2016

As UConn Women's and Men's basketball defeated East Carolina University on Saturday and Sunday, the Office of Environmental Policy and Athetlics worked to host their annual Basketball Green Game Days. Volunteers from the EcoHusky student group and Ecohouse learning community welcomed fans as they entered Gampel Pavilion and handed out green paw print tattoos and flyers on LEDs and sustainability at UConn. During the games, volunteers "manned the can" by standing next to coupled recycling and trash containers, ensuring that fans placed disposables in the proper bins.

After the games, volunteers collected approximately 1,200 bottles from the stands, resulting in $60 being raised for various environmental student groups on campus. Additional outreach was achieved through P.A. announcements, video board slides, and the chear team wearing green ribbons and wristbands. The husky mascot even wore an EcoHusky t-shirt. Green Game Dats are a great way to spread the world about UConn sustainability initiatives and encourage recycling among students and fans from all over.


Green Game Days at Rentschler Field, September 26th, 2015

The collective efforts of the Office of Environmental Policy and students from EcoHusky, EcoHouse, and the Honors Program generated yet another successful Green Game Day. As the UConn Huskies faced off against Navy, our volunteers strived to collect as many recyclables as possible, educated tailgaters about recycling, and discussed with them the various sustainability initiatives at UConn. As stated by one of our volunteers, Caroline Anastasia, “The people who allowed us to educate them were very grateful.” The outcome of the football game may not have been desirable; however, the 1,520 pounds of recyclables collected, and the wealth of knowledge spread, can certainly be considered a victory.

Green Game Days at Gampel Pavilion, February 4th & 28th, 2015

Not only was February 4th a great day for UConn Men’s Basketball; it was an outstanding day for recycling on our campus. The Huskies beat East Carolina 65-52 at Gampel, and over 400 bottles were collected by over 15 student volunteers: a win on multiple levels. Thank you to all that came to the Men’s Basketball Green Game Day to support UConn athletics as well as our recycling initiatives!

After entering Gampel Pavillion, fans were greeted by student volunteers who reminded and encouraged them to practice efficient recycling habits. Fans were also given a list of dates of upcoming green events, such as Earth Day Spring Fling. Along with the volunteers, the UConn cheerleaders joined the cause, wearing green ribbons and wristbands.  Even the Husky Mascot was involved in promoting recycling, sporting an EcoHusky t-shirt with phrase, “Big dog. Small ecological footprint.”

Student volunteers dispersed throughout Gampel to “man the can,” educating fans and ensuring that they placed the correct waste in the correct bins. At the end of the game, all bottles were gathered into bags, and the profits, five cents per bottle, went to EcoHusky to promote further environmental awareness. Again, we offer a big thank you to all that came out to this past Green Game Day. For those of you eager to attend the next Green Game Day, it will take place on February 28th, when UConn Women’s Basketball takes on Memphis. We hope to see you there!

February 28th was quite a day for UConn Women’s Basketball. Not only did the Huskies win their second-straight American Athletic Conference regular season crown; Kiah Stokes earned her 300th block, and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis joined UConn’s 2,000 point club!

Despite all of the excitement, UConn fans still found time to recycle their bottles at the game. This season’s Women’s Basketball Green Game Day was a success, yet again. Volunteers from EcoHusky, EcoHouse, and the Office of Environmental Policy encouraged fans to recycle, promoted future green events, and collected countless bags of bottles after the game. The responses from fans of all ages were enthusiastic and positive. So many of them expressed that they already practice great recycling strategies, which is fantastic to hear, and others appreciated the efforts and devotion of the volunteers to such a great cause.

Green Game Day at Rentschler Field, September 7th, 2014

Almost 50 volunteers from EcoHouse learning community, the EcoHusky student organization, the UConn Honors Program, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and the UNIV 1784 Environmental Sustainability class teamed up to promote recycling at the Green Game Day for UConn Football versus Stony Brook. Everyone who came to the game enjoyed seeing a closely contested 19-16 UConn victory.

The Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) set up a brand new tent, along with several games and give-aways at the Football Fan-fest outside of the stadium. Streams of UConn students, alumni, and families came by the tent to learn about Green Game Day recycling and initiatives the university is taking to improve its environmental footprint.

Volunteers wearing blue and green EcoHusky and EcoHouse T-shirts teamed up in groups to pick up recyclables at each of the tailgating lots (Red, blue, grey). Tailgaters were very appreciative of the efforts and were open to discussing UConn sustainability initiatives. Overall, the event was very successful – volunteers filled the dumpsters with recyclables and fans were eager to participate!

Green Game Day serves as an interactive learning opportunity for the wider community about everything that UConn does to be more environmentally conscience. It also gets student volunteers involved and sparks their interest in pursuing more environmental efforts. There will be more Green Game Days to come this year – one for each of our National Champion Men’s and Women’s basketball teams!

Green Game Days at Gampel Pavilion, February 16th & 22th, 2014

Many volunteers rallied at Green Game Day to promote recycling to Husky fans.  Student volunteers from EcoHusky (Storrs and Avery Point), EcoHouse, and the OEP’s very own interns went to the men’s game on Sunday afternoon to greet fans as they entered the stadium, help direct recycling during the game, and to collect the leftover recyclables from the stands after the game.  Volunteers collected 260 bottles from the women’s game and a whopping 820 at the men’s game, for over 1000 bottles recycled!  Members of the EcoHusky student group returned the bottles to raise money for the club’s future sustainability efforts.

We had a great time at the game, despite the unfortunately outcome of the game. We especially loved talking to fans about recycling, answering questions about the cost/benefit analysis of recycling, and hearing from fans who proudly always recycle!

Women’s Basketball Green Game Day was another success! Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the women’s basketball team beat SMU 102-41 for their 30th consecutive win. By coming to this game, viewers supported the school’s athletics and recycling initiatives. Volunteers from EcoHusky and student interns from the Office of Environmental Policy collected the bottles left in the stands, and recycled almost 300 bottles and would have had to recycle more if it weren’t for the help of recycle-savy fans.

Volunteers from EcoHusky at Avery Point also came out to support Green Game Day and the women’s basketball team; it was hard to miss them as they handed out tattoos and flyers at the entrances to Gampel Pavilion. Stay tuned for Men’s Basketball Green Game Day on February 22nd as UConn plays SMU!

Green Game Day at Rentschler Field, September 14th, 2013

approximately 35 volunteers from the EcoHouse learning community, the EcoHusky student organization, and the UNIV 1784 Environmental Sustainability class joined forces to promote recycling at the Green Game Day for UConn Football versus Maryland.

The Office of Environmental Policy (OEP) tabled at Fanfest and had a memory game set up with matching single stream recycling items. Both children and adults gathered around the OEP table to play the game and winners were offered a giveaway—carabineers, sunglasses, tattoos, coin purses, and t-shirts. The table also featured information on UConn’s #1 ranking for Sierra’s 2013 Cool Schools Survey.

Volunteers were paired up and assigned a parking lot (blue, red, or gray) to collect recyclables from and directed to educate the fans on the importance of recycling. Tailgaters were very receptive and appreciative of the volunteers’ effort. Overall the event was very successful—fans lined up at the OEP table to learn more about sustainability at UConn and volunteers collected enough recyclables to fill one of Rentschler’s dumpsters.

GGD serves as an opportunity to inform others on how to be more environmentally conscience as well as to introduce volunteers to other students interested in environmental outreach. The OEP will also host a basketball GGD in the winter so stay tuned!

Green Game Day at Rentschler Field, September 16th, 2011

On Friday, September 16th, the Office of Environmental Policyand UConn Athletics co-hosted Green Game Day, an environmental awareness campaign that encourages fans to do their part in reducing the footprint of UConn Athletic events. Thirty volunteers collected recyclables from tailgaters and educated fans about the importance of recycling. As much of the estimated eight tons of garbage produced at each Husky home game is recyclable, this event significantly contributes to reducing UConn’s environmental impact. Additionally, a student-run booth featuring a green initiatives display further enthused fans by providing them with recycling bags of their own.

Green Awareness Day at Rentschler Field, September 11th, 2010

Rentschler Field held its second annual Green Awareness Day on September 11, 2010. The day coincided with UConn's game against the Texas Southern University Tigers, which the Huskies won by a score of 62-3.

Over thirty students from EcoHusky and EcoHouse arrived at the stadium before 8 a.m. to promote recycling to tailgaters and to fans within the stadium. An estimated eight tons of garbage is produced at each Husky home game, much of which can be recycled. The Department of Athletics has been very receptive to the idea of making their program more sustainable.

Students were stationed at waste containers encouraging fans to use the adjacent recycling bins for bottles and cans. Some students also spread awareness by passing out information on recycling e-waste. For the first time, a "Caught Green-Handed" program was held. A few random recyclers who were caught in the act were given free t-shirts that further encouraged recycling.

Participating students helped gather recyclables from full bins later in the day and ultimately got to go home after the game, eight hours after they had begun their day.


Green Game Days at Gampel Pavilion and The XL Center: February 6th and 22nd, 2010

On February 6th, 2010 a group of volunteer EcoHusky and EcoHouse students manned the can at Gampel Pavilion as the UConn men's basketball team took on DePaul University. In order to aid in EcoHusky's annual Sneaker Recycling Drive, collection bins for old sneakers were placed at each entrance as well. Over 400 pairs of sneakers were collected and were made a part of EcoHusky's Mt. Sneaker when the collection drive ended in April. All the collected sneakers are donated to the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe program and will be turned into athletic and playground surfaces.

In late February, the volunteers travelled to the XL Center in Hartford for the first ever "Green Game Day" at this venue. While the Huskies took on the West Virginia Mountaineers, volunteers were on hand to help educate UConn basketball fans of proper recycling techniques at the XL Center.

Green Game Day at Rentschler Field: September 26, 2009

On September 26, 2009 EcoHusky students and residents of EcoHouse volunteered at UConn's first "Green Awareness Day" at Rentschler Field. As cars entered the parking lots before the Huskies took to the field, volunteers handed out recycling bags to promote recycling within the tailgating areas. Inside the stadium, new recycling bins were in place on the concourse to also encourage proper recycling. All food waste from concessions was composted by Global Environmental Services and "Grease Guys" recycled the waste cooking oil generated at the event. During the game, volunteers also "manned the can" within the Rent, encouraging UConn football fans young and old to dispose of their recyclables properly

Photos from the Green Game Day in Sept 2009.

Photos from the Green Game Day in Feb 2009.

1st Annual Green Game Day: February 2009

During the 1st Annual Green Game Day, EcoHusky volunteers educated UConn Men's Basketball fans about proper recycling practices at Gampel Pavilion. Volunteers "manned the cans" and made sure all recyclables were placed in proper receptacles. At the end of the game, EcoHuskies walked around the stands, making sure that the last of the recyclables were taken care of.

To the left are photos from the first ever Green Game Day.

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