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Campus Bike Plan


  1. Raise awareness on campus for the importance of alternative transportation methods
  2. Demonstrate the demand and need for a bicycling plan for future campus planning
  3. Work to influence campus planners to consider developing a bike lane on roads, especially on the proposed North Eagleville Road Extension
  4. Raise awareness of competition problems between bicycles, cars, and pedestrians


The project sprang from the student chapter of the Institute for Transportation Engineers on campus in 2004 around the time when the master plans for the University were being created. The chapter conducted a survey and put together a proposal that has since been used as a reference for the Office of Environmental Policy, which has gone on to formerly create campus bike plan proposal for the University.

Current Status

The BSC Group, a transportation engineering firm, was awarded a contract to produce a comprehensive plan for campus bicycle routes, based on Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. The Phase 1 Permit Drawings have been completed, approved by the DOT, and can be viewed here. The map of campus bike lanes can be viewed here as well.

Past News

Additional photos from the Campus Bike Plan support ride can be seen here.

In the fall of 2004, ITE conducted a survey of students, faculty, and staff regarding cycling on campus. They received about 2,100 responses. The survey elicited that while individuals on campus felt that cycling was efficient method of getting around campus, there were many problems that made it an inconvenience. The primary problems were (1) a lack of safe cycling lanes and paths around and through campus, (2) inclement weather, making cycling unattractive at certain parts of the year, and (3) inadequate distribution of bike racks and bike storage around campus. The survey also revealed an interest in some sort of bike-sharing program on campus.

On April 14, 2005, ITE planned a support ride for their proposed campus bike plan with help from the EcoHusky student group and the Office of Environmental Policy. Over sixty students, faculty, staff, and community members attended the event and rode through the streets of Storrs in support of ITE's plan. After the ride finished, a raffle was held, food and drink were prodived, and a local mechanic provided tune ups free of charge to participants.

Additional Resources