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Bike Sharing with UConn Cycles

UConn Cycles is a program based out of the Storrs campus aimed at increasing bicycle riding and awareness at UConn. As of September 2011, UConn Cycles offers twenty Raleigh Circa i8 bikes to be used by the UConn community. The aim of the program is to provide a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport on campus and in the surrounding community. The program is part of a larger effort to improve transportation congestion at Storrs. In parallel, signage and markings will increase the organization and safety of bikers on the roads.

Who is eligible?

UConn students, faculty, and staff may borrow a bike. All you need is a valid UConn ID card.

Where can I borrow a bike?

The bikes are located on the west side of Homer Babbidge Library, and can be signed out at the iDesk (front desk) inside the building. You will just need to sign the waiver upon check out.

Front side
of the cycling safety brochure.

Back side
of the cycling safety brochure.

What hours can I take out a bike?

Bikes are available from when the library opens to 5pm, by which point all bikes must be returned. Library opening hours can be found here.

How can I check out a bike?

Bikes can be checked out from the iDesk (front desk) on the first floor of the library. You must show them your ID to check out the bike and you will need to sign a waiver. You will receive a bike lock and be offered a helmet. Before you ride the bike, inspect it for any problems that may be present and bring them to the attention of the iDesk if found.

Check here for bike availability online.

History of the Program

The idea for UConn Cycles began among a small number of students dedicated to environmental and social ideals, but evolved to become an official program collectively organized by the UConn library staff, Undergraduate Student Government, the Office of Environmental Policy, Facilities, Transportation, Tolland Bicycle, the EcoHouse Learning Community, and the EcoHusky Student Group. The bikes were purchased by USG in the 2010-2011 school year, and partial funding for the program is provided by UConn’s Office of Environmental Policy through the use of the UConn Green Campus Fund or the Campus Sustainability Fund. This program came about as a result of an interest in providing members of the University with a convenient, healthy, and clean energy alternative to traditional CO2 emitting methods of transportation. In this way, the UConn Cycles program will help the university meet the goals of its Climate Action Plan which was drafted and released in August of 2009. The program was officially up and running on August 22, 2011 and can now be used by any member of the UConn community.

Biking Trails and Maps

UConn Forest (Fenton Tract)

Trail map of Schoolhouse Brook Park in Mansfield, CT.

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resource maintains multipurpose trails between Horsebarn Hill and the Fenton River, which includes a portion of the 41.5 mile long Nipmuck Trail. For more information, or a trail map of the UConn Forest, contact the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources or go to the CANR Resource Center located on the very bottom floor of W.B. Young.

Additional Connecticut Trail Links

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