Campus Sustainability Fund

Students are destined to be our future leaders. The Campus Sustainability Fund supports programs and initiatives that raise environmental awareness and develop conservation-minded students. Through demonstration projects like green roofs, renewable energy and biofuels, recycling and composting enhancements, campus bicycling amenities, water and energy conservation competitions, and donating reusable goods to community partners, students learn to be environmental stewards and positively contribute to society.

With the signing of the American College and University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and the subsequent development of UConn's Climate Action Plan, UConn has put itself on a path towards carbon neutrality by 2050. The Climate Action Plan outlines dozens of efficiency, conservation, recycling, reuse, and high-performance building measures that will yield significant cost savings and productivity benefits. The Campus Sustainability Fund was enacted to provide part of the necessary capital to aid the Office of Sustainability in its efforts to meet this ambitious goal.

But we need your help!

Continuing to build a sustainable campus and creating a culture of environmental stewardship among students will require an upgrade of the University's resources and the further development of the Office of Sustainability. Your support will ensure that UConn will continue to be a leader within the state and throughout the country.

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