EPAC Recycling Workgroup

The UConn Recycling Workgroup is comprised of students, faculty, and staff interested in improving the campus recycling program. A membership list from 2009-2010 can be found below.

EPAC Recycling Work Group Member List

Nelly Abboud Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Denise Beal Assistant Director, Dining Services
Manisha Bicchieri Sustainability Intern, Office of Environmental Policy
Diane Bordeleau Administrative Manager, Student Activities
Steve Ciccone Manager, Facilities Operations
Amy Crim Assistant Director of Housing Services, Residential Life
Ken Crowell Assistant Director, Facilities Management
Carol Davidge UConn Affiliate, Jorgensen Center
Tom DeVivo Vice-President, Willimantic Waste & Paper Co., Inc.
Tim DeVivo Treasurer, Willimantic Waste & Paper Co., Inc.
Nancy Dittes Research Assistant, Nursing Instr & Res
Carol Dyal University Librarian IV, Library Dodd Center
Ken Egeberg Associate Vice President, Design, Planning & Construction Management
Evan Feinglass Executive Assistant, Athletics Sports Operations
Marcia Firsick Marketing Coordinator, UConn Co-Op
Karolina Fucikova Graduate Student Senate
Cornel Gaalswijk Operations Manager, UConn Co-Op
Doug Goodstein Residence Hall Director, Residential Life
Kevin Gray Building Superintendent, Custodial Services
Jay Johnston Residence Hall Complex Manager, Residential Life
Mary Kegler Manager, Farm Services
Katie Kelleher Sustainbility Intern, Office of Environmental Policy
John Kuhl Dining Services Area Manager, Dining Services
Michael Kurland Director, Student Health Services
Wayne Landry Supply Manager, Central Stores
Diana Lastergagne Nurse Coordinator, Student Health Services
Victoria Lindsey Sales Manager, Willimantic Waste & Paper Co., Inc.
Dave Lotreck Manager of Grounds & Buildings, Facilities Management
Eileen McHugh Landscape Architect, University Planning
Barbara Meyers Registrar, Social Work Dean's Office
Rich Miller Director, Office of Environmental Policy
Brian Moore Dining Services Area Manager, Dining Services
Chuck Morrell Associate Director, Student Union
Dennis Pierce Director of Dining Services, Dining Services
David Portreous Grants & Contracts Specialist, Social Work Dean's Office
Eugene Roberts Director of Facilities Management, Facilities Management
Annemarie Ryan Adminitrative Assistant, Central Stores
Ellie Shannon Project Specialist, Athletics Sports Operations
Brenda Shaw Associate Professor, Chemistry
Katherine Tsantiris Sustainbility Intern, Office of Environmental Policy
Elizabeth Vitullo Univ Educational Assistant, Audit, Compliance & Ethics
Ginny Walton Recycling Director, Town of Mansfield
Stefan Wawzyniecki Chemical Safety Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
Mark Westa Associate Professor, Plant Science & Landscape Architecture