Recycling & Waste Reduction EPAC Workgroup

The UConn Recycling Workgroup is comprised of students, faculty, and staff interested in improving the campus recycling program. A membership list from 2009-2010 can be found below.


EPAC Recycling Work Group Member List

Rich Miller Director, Office of Sustainability
Patrick McKee Sustainability Program Manager, Office of Sustainability
Aristide Ristau Director, Building Services
Patricia Guay-Richards Manager, Housekeeping Development
James Albequerque Area Manager, Building Services
Wesley Ayers III Manager, Landscape Services
Sean Vasington Associate Director & University Landscape Architect, UPDC
Steve Machado C&W Services
Nilsa Cruz C&W Services
Dennis Pierce Executive Director, Dining Services
Mike O’Dea Project Manager, Dining Services
Charles Holmes-Hope Associate Director of Residence Education, ResLife
Amy Crim Associate Director of Housing Services, ResLife
Tim DeVivo Treasurer, Willimantic Waste Paper Co., Inc.
Victoria Lindsey Sales Manager, Willimantic Waste Paper Co., Inc.
Evan Feinglass Associate Director of Athletics/Facilities Management and Planning
Anthony Rosati Director of Facilities, Athletics
Cat Zuppani Director of Event Management, Athletics
Syma Ebbin EcoHusky Faculty Advisor, Uconn Avery Point
Denis Shannon Chemical Safety Senior Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety
Dana Dunnack Program Specialist, Trade Services
Amy Allen Associate Director, Supply Chain Management
Joe Hollister Material Storage Supervisor, Supply Chain Management
Jeff Ward Skilled Maintainer, Supply Chain Management
Tony Noel Building Services Manager, Student Union
Monica Rudzik Director, Student Union
Pat Christadore Building Superintendent, Student Union
David Avery Head of Facilities & Security, Homer Babbidge Library
Mary Kegler Farms Manager, Animal Science
Virginia Walton Sustainability Committee, Town of Mansfield
Elle Ouimet Assistant Professor in Residence, Anthropology
Brian Curry Coca-Cola
Ray Dube Coca-Cola
Jonathan Ursillo Sustainability Intern, Office of Sustainability
Kelly Rafferty UConnPIRG