Biking at UConn

UConn Cycle Share

The UConn Adventure Center runs a bike share program where students may rent bikes out for a week or even a semester, for free. The Adventure Center is located in the new Student Recreation Center. It's simple to rent out a bike for a week, just follow these steps:

1) Login on with your net ID
2) Select UConn Outdoors & click Cycle Share in the menu
3) Choose 1-Week Rentals
4) Checkout and pick up your bike

Semester long rentals must be done in person. To rent a bike for the duration of the semester, go to the UConn Adventure Center during daily hours of operation (M-F 11am-5pm).


Read a blog that a former sustainability intern wrote about the UConn Cycle Share program!

Taking UConn Cycle Share for a Spin!

Biking Trails and Maps

Schoolhouse Brook Park in Mansfield, CT.
Schoolhouse Brook Park in Mansfield, CT.

The BSC Group, a transportation engineering firm, was awarded a contract to produce a comprehensive plan for campus bicycle routes, based on Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. The Phase 1 Permit Drawings have been completed, approved by the DOT, and can be viewed here. The map of campus bike lanes can be viewed here.

UConn Forest (Fenton Tract)

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resource maintains multipurpose trails between Horsebarn Hill and the Fenton River, which includes a portion of the 41.5 mile long Nipmuck Trail. For more information, or a trail map of the UConn Forest, contact the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources or go to the CANR Resource Center located on the very bottom floor of W.B. Young.

Additional Connecticut Trail Links

Updated: 3/12/2020