E-Waste and Ink Cartridge Recycling

Electronic waste ("E-waste") consists of damaged or discarded electronic devices and associated materials. E-waste items should not be disposed of in the normal trash due to their high concentrations of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Examples of e-waste include rechargeable batteries, toner and ink cartridges, cell phones and chargers, iPods, PDAs, MP3 players, televisions and computers.

There are several laws governing the proper disposal of e-waste all over the country. Specifically in Connecticut, Governor Jodi Rell signed a law in July 2007 mandating manufacturers to provide consumers with recycling options for the televisions, computers, and monitors. UConn faculty and staff are able to recycle state-purchased e-waste items through programs with their respective suppliers.

Students, faculty, and staff are able to recycle all personal e-waste through the Office of Sustainability's partnership with Central Stores, who ensures that the waste is recycled appropriately.

Campus Collection Points

You can drop your e-waste off into specially marked bins in the following locations:


UConn Bookstore




Student Union

The Co-op bins are located about thirty feet in from the front doors on the right and the Library bins are at the west entrance.  The Student Union bins are at the Fairfield Way entrance and adjacent to the information desk.